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Ventura County Queen Bees

Our beekeeping service in Ventura County provides mated, laying queen bees for $29 each. Discounts are available for bulk orders of queen bees.

Our queen bees are selected by our strongest stock which qualified for almonds with acceptably mild defense behavior. All of our queen bees are a mix of Carniolan, Italian, and feral stock. We select our strongest bees from almond pollination, not our most pure bred. Our bees need to be gentle enough to not be a risk to our growers, and strong enough to survive on wildflowers in the Southern California Drought. Africanized honey bees are in our county. Due to our open mating methods, if you need gentle bees then we are not the right breeder for you. We typically produce 30-40 queen bees per week, but production may be increased upon request. Visit our facebook and youtube pages on our queen bee rearing adventure.

A Local Ventura County Resource for Queen Bees

Sourcing queen bees locally for Ventura County is the best way to acquire bees with the characteristics you’re seeking. Using a Ventura County beekeeping service also supports local business and allows you to develop a close interaction with your queen bee supplier. You’re likely to have questions about our queen bee rearing process. Please contact us to discuss your needs. We’ll be able to answer all of your queen bee related questions and provide pricing information for special requests.

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Queen Bee Blogs

Queen Bees 2016

by Bryan Castro Owner/Operator

The bees were hit hard by the cold winter this year, so queens are starting a little late. We will be making our first grafts tomorrow, so our first batch of queen bees should be mated and available around 3/15/16.

Queen Rearing - Week 3

by Bryan Castro Owner/Operator

Our queens are emerging and looking healthy! We sold our entire stock of queen cups along with all virgin queens in the yard.

Queen Rearing - Week 2

by Bryan Castro Owner/Operator

Compete success. I roughly 38/45 of our grafts were accepted. They will mostly all be put into hives directly, so we...