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Ventura County Live Bee Removal

We’re the best resource for live bee removal in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Kern County. We safely collect bees without harming them, and take them to our apiaries located in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Malibu, Bakersfield, and Newbury Park where they can live naturally and comfortably.

Poisoning hives not only kills one of our most important pollinators, but it also leaves all of the wax, pesticide, and honey behind. This can leave you with a terribly sticky, toxic, and expensive mess that will attract more bees and make your problems worse unless it is all removed.

Pest control companies that spray the bees can charge several hundred dollars just to kill a hive. This bee removal method eliminates a valuable natural resource, kills innocent insects needlessly, and places hazardous materials into the environment which are also expensive to clean up.

We’re bee enthusiasts and by using our live bee removal service you’re preserving the life of beautiful insects which are important for many plants. Each bee removal project is completely unique therefore pricing for our live bee removal service is quoted individually on a custom bases. Contact us for a free quote and for more information about live bee removal.

Removing the bees as soon as possible means less work for the beekeeper, an easier transition for the bees, and lower pricing for the client. Contact us today to schedule a live bee removal in Ventura County and Los Angeles County.

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More Information About Live Bee Removal

Bee Swarms

A bee swarm is how bees reproduce. The queen takes half of her hive to find a new home. Swarms are the easiest and most common removals, but it is key to contact us before they start building wax! Below are a few pictures of swarms we have relocated this year.

Beehive Removal 

Once a hive of bees has comb the job becomes much more challenging than collecting a swarm. The bees, brood, and honey, and wax all need to be salvaged, making the job overall harder and more time consuming.

If a beehive is located within a structure such as a wall or attic it is critical that you call an expert as soon as possible. If for any reason the hive dies not only will it emit a foul odor, but the honey may leak from the hive. This honey can destroy your ceiling, walls, and floor. The hive itself keeps humidity high, which can rot the wood around where the hive is. Removing the bees early can save you costly repair bills.