Bryan's Bees

Live Bee removal Ventura County

by Bryan Castro Owner/Operator

Sometimes bee removals are simple.  Often I can safely have a swarm of bees from someone’s yard and onto my truck in fifteen minutes or less.  Even the largest established hives rarely take more than three hours, but every once in a while I come across one that is simply a mess. 

I was called out for a brand new hive inside of a large shed in a customer’s back yard.  The customers noticed it a few days earlier, and tried to spray it with pesticides.  The pesticides didn’t work, so now they called in the bee removal expert.  The job seemed straightforward.  I was simply going to reach under the shed, and pull the bees and all the comb out by hand, and then flush any remaining bees out with smoke.  I got my hand under the shed and I started pulling out comb.  The first piece was just a few inches in.  I continued to pull out more and more comb until I couldn’t reach into the shed any further, so I got a pry bar and continued pulling out more and more comb.  Finally when I had gotten as much as I possibly could with the pry bar I decided enough was enough, and I was going to have to open the floor of the shed.  I pulled the carpet back, took out my saw, and cut through the plywood.  To my amazement the hive went back another two feet!  Once the entire comb was removed I convinced the remaining bees to go into the box, and left the box there overnight.  Overnight the bees decided to make a large cluster inside the corner of the shed, so I had to knock them into the box, and give them another day.  When I came back I finally had a box full of bees ready to take off the property.  Another successful removal.