Bryan's Bees


All of our products are of the highest quality from our hives in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Newbury Park, North Dakota, and Southeast Idaho. All our honey is unpasteurized and run through a coarse strainer to keep the honey as pure and clean as possible. We ask that you please help support local beekeepers and give Bryan's Bees a try!

Ventura County Wildflower Honey

Bryan's Bees local Ventura County honey is our pride and joy product. Our Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks locations are in the Santa Monica Mountains, and are away from all of the big farms. Our Camarillo bees are located in the heart of the raspberry fields, and you can taste the raspberry flavor. We harvest our honey quickly after we remove it from the hives, and do not heat or filter our product, providing a high quality treat that we are extremely proud of. Due to the drought our supply is extremely limited, but we have high hopes for this El Nino year!

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Idaho and North Dakota Honey

This is our highest value honey! While we take great pride in being a local Ventura County company, the local summers have been too dry to support bees. Because of this we send our hives out of state for certain times of the year. Our honey is treated with the same high standards of care and quality that is expected of our company, and due to the non-local nature of the honey we offer a significant discount. This is our best bang for your buck!

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