Bryan's Bees

About Us

Bryan’s Bees is a small beekeeping company located in Newbury Park, California. We have been in operation since 2013, and we provide a wide range of bee related products and services across all of Ventura County, and part of LA County. Our primary business is live bee removal and pollination, but we are slowly expanding into queen rearing, honey production, education, and other aspects of the beekeeping industry.

We are currently seeking new pollination and honey grounds in Idaho and other parts of California, so if you have come across our card and are not in Ventura County you have found the right place.


Bryan’s bees is owned and operated by Bryan Castro. He is a Newbury Park local who graduated from Newbury Park High School. He then attended California State University Channel Islands where he studied entomology and ecology, and worked in the California State University Channel Islands Pollination Ecology Lab. It was there that he fell in love with honey bees and beekeeping. In 2012, Bryan bought his first five packages of bees, and Bryan’s Bees was born. After ending his internship at CSUCI he worked at Associate's Insectary raising beneficial insects, Jubilee Honey Company as a commercial beekeeper, and Terminix as a pest control technician. In April of 2015 Bryan began working for Bryan's Bees full time. Bryan plans to continue to grow his company and realize his dream of owning a commercial beekeeping operation.